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Guild01 and a Mario pendant

I love airmail when it actually arrives in a week as it’s supposed to:

Mail from Japan

Mail from Japan

In addition to Guild01, my friend Junko also send me Mario pendant/strap thing. The 3DS doesn’t seem to have a place where it could attach to, but it looks nice on my Vita as well.

Played a bit of Liberation Girl and almost beat it too. A bit easy even on normal, until the last stage. Where I died two times with no continue, so I stopped to write this post first. Very cool though, feels like a mixture between Xevious and the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion (and plays kind of like the sky parts in KI:U, plus the ability to move around freely). I probably missed out by never playing Zone of the Enders, I know, but I feel these games are so much better in 3D.

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