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DQX Valentine Contest Voting Quest, Day 1 to 4

Astortia Queen Valentine Event

From February 1st to 10th 2013, players can vote their favorite beauty in all of Astortia. The winner will be declared queen and players will receive a gift from the Valentine Queen.

To go along with the female of choice there is also a contest for the most popular monster. The female of your choice will give you 10 pieces of chocolate which you have to throw at monsters in her place. The one that receives the most chocolate will be the winning monster.

About the valentine chocolate custom: This was probably established by the chocolate producing industry but in Japan women are expected to give their male colleagues and friends chocolate for valentine’s day. This is often called duty chocolate and doesn’t mean a whole lot.

In Dragon Quest X the valentine chocolate raises the tension of the targeted monster when thrown at them. If they become too strong they might defeat you in battle so most players tend to throw them at weaker monsters since they’re easier to fend off. The currently winning monster (by a large margin) is the cute she-slime which populates the outskirts of most villages and is ideal for leveling a new character or job before you go further out into the map where the stronger monsters await.

Throwing the chocolate rather than handing it over is reminiscent of throwing beans at devils which is meant to keep them away. It’s a recurring gag in manga to throw valentine chocolate at men like they’re devils, reflecting its function as duty chocolate and the women not actually being interested in the men they have to give the chocolate to.

I will cover the monster ranking in a later article, here is the queen ranking for now:

1. Maiyu


Maiyu helped the hero in the second Ogre key emblem quest by kicking some sense into the Ogleed warriors who were turned pokemon by Mareen (spoiler). Her victory in this contest is pretty much set in stone already, but her 30.41% lead on the first day has shrunk to 29.09% and on Monday she only got 27.59% of the vote anymore.

2. Fuhra


Fuhra failed her gradution test which she took together with the elf hero. Her father keeps making her do stuff like take part in this contest. Or be a reluctant priestess (a cheeky younger Yuna, if you will).

She has a pretty solid hold on place two and has actually been gaining votes by percentage, from 14.5% by the end of Friday to 15.33% by the end of today.

3. Queen Arwe

Queen Arwe

I wrote a whole article about Arwe, so spoil yourself here.

Her third place is stable and she follows a similar pattern as Fuhra, gaining percentages over time. With 12.06% it’s unlikely she’ll be a danger to Fuhra’s second place.

4. Sohmya


Sohmya lives without her parents in Julette and is so lonely she even adopted a cat baby. Weddie and cats being mortal enemies, it obviously couldn’t stay there once discovered and when the hero sets out to return the baby a political scheme is unraveled.

She takes part in the contest to find friends and voters have rewarded her with place 4. With 10.24% she has had a solid start on Friday but has constantly lost percentages ever since, down to 9.88% by the end of Monday and 9.52% on the single day.

5. Phantom Thief Poyccrin

Phantom Thief Poyccrin

The phantom thief is a popular hero type in Japan and the dwarf tribe has brough forth many famous thieves of Astortia. Poyccrin is the scientist Chiri in real life and plays a central role in most dwarf story quests.

She has a solid grip on place 5, but only gained little percentages over time (from 8.57 by Friday up to 8.7% by the end of Monday) and declined on Sunday and Monday, down to 8.74% per day.

6. Runana


Runana is a human but keeps turning up in the dwarf quests. She was driven out of Agrani, the starting town of the dwarf region, because she created a huge mess there (or so I heard) and keeping with this pattern would later play a big role in unleashing an age old fiend. She’s convinced the hero wants to become one of her henchmen but can hardly remember him later on as the hero is rather unimpressive, according to Runana.

Like Poyccrin she has gained little and her percentage increase has slowed down due to negative gains on Monday.

7. Sage Mareen

Sage Mareen

It must be her wits rather than her looks which got her to place 7.  She’s no threat to Maiyu though to which she overwhelmingly loses again, as in the story quest.

She has steadily lost percentages, with minor gains on the recent single days.

8. Queen Deohre

Queen Deohre

The queen of Verinard, Deohre, is actually a queen and actually very beautiful but voters deemed her less appealing than Mareen, wow.

And she has mostly lost percentages making her outlook utterly hopeless.

9. Precianna


I know little of Precianna but she probably plays a central role in the Super Star job quests, which were recently added. Her low ranking might be due to her being too startling bright for voters to dare approach her, as she commented herself. She might be right and is definitely damn sexy.

Her percentage has been very steady at around 3.43%.

10. Jenya


I have seriously no idea who Jenya is and most voters seem to feel the same way, landing her on the last place. But from the introduction we can tell she’s a small ogre girl with a keen interest in money.

At least she has been constantly gaining, from 1.2% to now 1.96% and 2.56% on Monday.

Day 1: Friday

Queen Day 1

Japanese English through day 1 single day
マイユ Maiyu 50629 30,41% 50629 30,41%
フウラ Fuhra 24143 14,50% 24143 14,50%
アルウェ王妃 Queen Arwe 19922 11,97% 19922 11,97%
ソーミャ Sohmya 17040 10,24% 17040 10,24%
怪盗ポイックリン Phantom Thief Poyccrin 14260 8,57% 14260 8,57%
ルナナ Runana 12128 7,28% 12128 7,28%
賢者マリーン Sage Mareen 11074 6,65% 11074 6,65%
女王ディオーレ Queen Deohre 9578 5,75% 9578 5,75%
プれシアンナ Precianna 5713 3,43% 5713 3,43%
ジェニャ Jenya 1995 1,20% 1995 1,20%
All 166482 166482

Day 2: Saturday

Queen Day 2

Japanese English through day 2 single day
マイユ Maiyu 103038 30,08% 52409 29,76%
フウラ Fuhra 50826 14,84% 26683 15,15%
アルウェ王妃 Queen Arwe 40595 11,85% 20673 11,74%
ソーミャ Sohmya 34425 10,05% 17385 9,87%
怪盗ポイックリン Phantom Thief Poyccrin 29684 8,67% 15424 8,76%
ルナナ Runana 26138 7,63% 14010 7,96%
賢者マリーン Sage Mareen 21665 6,32% 10591 6,01%
女王ディオーレ Queen Deohre 19143 5,59% 9565 5,43%
プれシアンナ Precianna 11735 3,43% 6022 3,42%
ジェニャ Jenya 5315 1,55% 3320 1,89%
All 342564 176082

Day 3: Sunday

Queen Day 3

Japanese English through day 3 single day
マイユ Maiyu 145657 29,48% 42619 28,13%
フウラ Fuhra 74568 15,09% 23742 15,67%
アルウェ王妃 Queen Arwe 58965 11,93% 18370 12,12%
ソーミャ Sohmya 49259 9,97% 14834 9,79%
怪盗ポイックリン Phantom Thief Poyccrin 42923 8,69% 13239 8,74%
ルナナ Runana 38109 7,71% 11971 7,90%
賢者マリーン Sage Mareen 31117 6,30% 9452 6,24%
女王ディオーレ Queen Deohre 27616 5,59% 8473 5,59%
プれシアンナ Precianna 16954 3,43% 5219 3,44%
ジェニャ Jenya 8913 1,80% 3598 2,37%
All 494081 151517

Day 4: Monday

Queen Day 4

Japanese English through day 4 single day
マイユ Maiyu 180866 29,09% 35209 27,59%
フウラ Fuhra 95306 15,33% 20738 16,25%
アルウェ王妃 Queen Arwe 74991 12,06% 16026 12,56%
ソーミャ Sohmya 61413 9,88% 12154 9,52%
怪盗ポイックリン Phantom Thief Poyccrin 54080 8,70% 11157 8,74%
ルナナ Runana 47794 7,69% 9685 7,59%
賢者マリーン Sage Mareen 39066 6,28% 7949 6,23%
女王ディオーレ Queen Deohre 34625 5,57% 7009 5,49%
プれシアンナ Precianna 21364 3,44% 4410 3,46%
ジェニャ Jenya 12185 1,96% 3272 2,56%
All 621690 127609

Players can complete the quest and vote once per day and once per character (the 1000 yen monthly fee pays for three characters). On replays players can get small genki-dama, which double experience points for ten minutes after usage. These are available for the second time after the similar christmas event. The genki-dama should provide a nice incentive for replaying the quest over and over but votes have declined after peaking on Saturday, which might also be due to people having less time with the week end being over.

Event info on official site (Japanese).

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