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DQX Valentine Contest Chocolate Quest, Day 1 to 6

Astortia Queen Valentine Event

From February 1st to 10th 2013, players can vote their favorite beauty in all of Astortia. The winner will be declared queen and players will receive a gift from the Valentine Queen.

To go along with the female of choice there is also a contest for the most popular monster. The female of your choice will give you 10 pieces of chocolate which you have to throw at monsters in her place. The one that receives the most chocolate will be the winning monster.

SE have stopped giving us updated rankings after Wednesday so this is the complete monster ranking data to expect before the end result which is supposed to be announced on the 11th. Positions had pretty much stabilized by Wednesday.

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The drop outs

LouiesawLouiesaw (26) only makes the top 30 on the first day but is one of the strongest enemies on the list. It speaks for its popularity that people would go to the trouble to raise the tension of such a strong opponent but obviously not enough were willing to keep at it for the following days.

snow_sanguini jailcatSnow sanguini (29) and jailcat (28) aren’t as strong by far (though Snow sanguini has a good critical attack rate) but you have to walk a bit of a distance to reach them, so they lost out to more easily available enemies after the first day.

king_slimeKing slime hangs on to the top 30 for a full 4 days but in the end his appearances were too rare and he was too far off the easily available spots to compete with the other enemies.

The drop offs

slimeIt might be surprising that the blue slime wouldn’t rank higher and that he even loses places. But if you haven’t kept a Rulerstone for one of the original locations reaching him takes quite a bit of a walk so that explains why he doesn’t match up to she-slime.

Teeny_SanguiniThe teeny sanguini suffers from this fact as well. Only beginners will easily encounter it.

bud_brother BasarahnaBasarahna starts out pretty high at 17 on day 1. He drops a high amount of money which explains his popularity. But he can also be tough to defeat so people might not have wanted to raise his tension. Bud brother, who inhabits the same popular hunting ground as Basarahna, has more staying power.

slime stackThe slime stack is another money maker, if you’re at a lower level. Like most slimes, it seems to lose chocolate to the leading she-slime.

The leveling favorites

tombreroTombrero must be the most hunted enemy of all. You can find him at Muse Beach and in the West of Orphea and he is said to be perfect for leveling a range level 20 character.

feralbeast pink_sanguiniThe pink sanguini is similarly popular with level 30 somethings. As is Feralbeast but the cave where it dwells in high numbers is always overcrowded with adventurers.

ghoulGhoul has massive amount of experience points and is ideal for leveling range level 50 characters, so it even gains places despite its strength.

The easy MP restorers

spiked_hare BludgerigarSpiked hare and bludgerigar are easy to defeat and often drop small bottles of magic water which restore 10 MP, an essential item.

The Gren entry level monsters

skullwasher leery_lout beakon

The highest riser must be the skull washer, a palette swap of the skullgaroo. From 8 to 2, that is quite a feat. He is also close by Gren, the most frequented city in all of Astortia. The leery lout and beakon are his neighbors and gain places as well.

The Curalana Beach monsters

takomett rock_diving_devilsummer_wolf

Takomett, rock diving devil and summer wolf all inhabit this region which is another favorite leveling spot for level 30 somethings.

Muse Beach

clawcerer man_o'_war slime_knightChimaera tombrero

Clawcerer, man o‘ war, slime knight and chimaera are neighbors of tombrero at Muse Beach.


gremlin spiked_hare tombrero slime stackChimaera

In the east of Orphea gremlin is a neighbor to spiked hare and in the West tombrero is joined by slime stacks and chimaeras. These also benefit from the popularity of tombrero and spiked hare.

Through Friday

On the first day 705866 pieces of chocolate were used on the top 30. That is 42.4% of all available chocolate on that day. She-slime takes 12.71% for place 1.

Through Saturday

On the second day 1313107 pieces of chocolate were used on the top 30, that is 74.57% of all available chocolate on that day. People started to concentrate on the monsters that were ranked already. She-slime soars to 28.16% of all available chocolate for that day.

Through Sunday

1219460 pieces of chocolate were used on the top 30 (80.48% of all available). She-slime takes 32.01% of all available chocolate.

Through Monday

Top 30: 1011762 p.o.c., 79.29% of all.
She-slime: 32.49% of all.

Through Tuesday

Top 30: 991005 p.o.c., 77.73% of all.
She-slime: 33.04% of all.

Through Wednesday

Top 30: 1030475 p.o.c, 80.63% of all.
She-slime: 33.03% of all.

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