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Yuna’s Ancestor

Fans of Final Fantasy X may be interested to learn that on a conceptual level, Yuna already existed in an earlier game by writer Kazushige NOJIMA. One of the 105 semi-NPCs that become actually playable with the body possession system in Glory of Heracles 4 was called Yunas and lived in the small port town Bizerte not far from the Egyptian capitol Thebe. The story of FFX’s Yuna starts in her home town Besaid, which like Bizerte is located near the sea. Another parallel would be their profession: Yunas breeds saba, a kind of ostrich used as a mount in the ancient times that serve as a setting in GoH4. Yuna from FFX on the other hand is a summoner and can be seen as a monster breeder.


Of course unlike Yuna, Yunas is a side character and should be seen as the bud that would later bloom into the female lead character that was Yuna in FFX and its sequel.

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