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Let’s Play: Glory of Heracles III Part 1

I keep mentioning this game in my articles and have used several sample movie scenes of it as well. But one really needs to have experienced the game in full to appreciate its quality. If you haven’t been spoiled yet (or even if you have), watch this series of youtube videos first before you read any of the related articles. I’m planning a weekly release schedule.

Or better yet, play it yourself. There is a fan translation patch available at romhacking.net which I used for this Let’s Play.

In part 1, our amnesiac hero finds himself in a small village and soon meets an unfortunate fate. As he comes to understand his special condition (and the secret of the village) he sets out on a great journey.

You might notice that the game screen is framed. The third game in the series was the only one to feature such a frame and its meaning might be related to another frame from another game written by NOJIMA Kazushige around that time. In the fourth game in the Jake Hunter series As Time Goes By (collected in Jake Hunter: Memories of the Past for Nintendo DS) a frame features prominently also.

All released youtube episodes:

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