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Let’s Play: Glory of Heracles III Part 6

I keep mentioning this game in my articles and have used several sample movie scenes of it as well. But one really needs to have experienced the game in full to appreciate its quality. If you haven’t been spoiled yet (or even if you have), watch this series of youtube videos first before you read any of the related articles. I’m planning a weekly release schedule.

If you haven’t seen it yet, start with part 1. Or better yet, play it yourself. There is a fan translation patch available at romhacking.net which I used for this Let’s Play.

In part 6 our hero heads the Spartan troop into a cave where the real monster resides that blocks the passage out of Sparta with an invincible illusion. After this boss is defeated, he finally can go to Athens.

This is the third and last time the player has to take care of a party of nine support characters. I lost some soldiers inbetween episodes and needed to go back to Sparta to pick up more. Having the troop be almost at full number is crucial to defeating the boss.

The soldiers also call for backup while on the mission so they differ in that regard from the slave girls and the pixies who wouldn’t regain their numbers if they died. And as the old rich man shielded himself with unwilling slaves, the soldiers volunteer to do the same for their Captain.

All released youtube episodes:

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