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Let’s Play: Glory of Heracles III Part 32 and beyond

I’ve been doing this Let’s Play of Glory of Heracles III because I wanted more people to get to experience what I consider a great classic of the medium. A lot of people would agree with me but in the end their numbers are quite few compared to the amount of players that play hugely successful titles like Final Fantasy. Glory of Heracles III is a cult hit, highly appreciated by the people who did play it but that was missed by the mainstream. So my attempt to explain how impressive the game’s story is usually boils down to comparing it to Final Fantasy VII, a game that got a lot more exposure and wasn’t just written by the same writer, Kazushige NOJIMA, but was also order made to recreate the same kind of story Glory of Heracles III had. Because Final Fantasy director and later producer Yoshinori KITASE was one of those fans who did play and enjoy NOJIMA’s earlier classic.

Yet I don’t think a Let’s Play is actually the best way to experience the game. It so masterfully utilizes the game medium to tell its story that to experience it in any other way than to play it oneself takes away from the experience. The other problem is that by being separated into short movie episodes, a viewer might stumble upon a single episode and spoil the whole story for themselves.

Which is why I decided to release the rest of the episodes unlisted on Youtube. They’re still included in the playlist and you can jump to later episodes if you already saw the beginning embedded here on electrolit or on my yt channel. But ideally new viewers will watch the Let’s Play from the playlist which collects the story in order.

The releases are up to episode 33 currently and will continue with a new release at least once every week, most likely on Thursdays at the usual time. I will post a comment to this article whenever a new one goes up so you don’t need to check everyday.

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5 Kommentare

  1. avatar Kay sagt:

    Episode 34 is up. It has more boss battles than any other episode.

  2. avatar Kay sagt:

    Episode 37 (last dungeon + final battle) is up.

  3. avatar Kay sagt:

    Episodes 38 (ending) + 39 (staff roll) are up now. This completes the Let’s Play. Thanks for watching!

    Expect some very spoilery articles in the future. You better finish watching the Let’s Play before they are out!

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