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Artikel mit dem Stichwort ‘Secret of Mana’

Wii Virtual Console 2006-2012

Sonntag, 24. Juni, 2012

With the lifecycle of the Wii coming to a close and Nintendo concentrating their Virtual Console releases more and more on the newer 3DS it’s a good opportunity to look at how well the classic game download service did on Wii in Japan. I used the Wii Shopping Channel and the Nintendo Channel to count games, publishers and genres, as well as play time statistics to calculate minimum download numbers.

These are only displayed for games which get a certain amount of usage by enough users, and only by users who allowed Nintendo to use their data for statistics in the Nintendo Channel. This means they only indicate a minimum number, real download numbers might be even higher. I found the games which display these play time statistics to have at least 3000 confirmed downloads, so the missing titles should have sold less than that.

Nine different vintage platforms have been supported on Wii so far with 636 titles released:


System Current # Alltime # Best supporter Games # Percentage
FC: 148 148 Nintendo 44 29,73%
SFC: 101 103 Nintendo 27 26,21%
N64: 20 20 Nintendo 19 95,00%
PC-Engine: 111 122 Hudson/Konami 55 45,08%
MD: 89 92 Sega 68 73,91%
NG: 64 64 D4 Entertainment 64 100,00%
SMS: 13 15 Sega 14 93,33%
VCA: 77 77 Bandai Namco 50 64,94%
MSX: 13 15 Konami 13 86,67%
636 656
Games removed: 20

Not surprisingly Nintendo and Sega are the top supporters of their respective old hardware platforms. The PC-Engine got a lot of love from Hudson back in the day, which also shows here (Konami now holds the rights to the Hudson catalogue, but also contributed some titles of their own). Some minor platforms with limited success are almost exclusively represented by one company, like the Master System by Sega or the N64 by Nintendo.

D4 Entertainment has the rights to all the old SNK software on VC and ends up being the sole supporter of the NeoGeo, which has an impressive number of releases but none sold all too well (i. e. below 3000). The MSX seems to be the favorite vintage platform for Konami, who contribute all remaining titles available. Two games by D4 Entertainment for MSX, ALESTE and EGGY, were removed again. All in all 20 games which were once available were removed again.

The Virtual Console Arcade, which was added last, is mainly supported by the companies who dominated this field in the pre-Famicom age. Notably missing are Konami and Nintendo, who as opposed to Capcom, Sega and Namco haven’t even released the arcade versions of their Famicom hits like Gradius or Donkey Kong. The latter three did this with games like Ghost ’n‘ Goblins, Puyo Puyo and Xevious. Similar to the NeoGeo, downloads for VCA have remained underwhelming. This means that despite having released 86 games (50 of which for VCA), almost as many games as Nintendo and more than Sega, Bandai Namco’s success on VC was quite limited.


Publisher Games Percentage Publisher Games Percentage
Arc System Works: 16 2,52% D4 Entertainment: 65 10,22%
Artdink: 3 0,47% Tecmo: 11 1,73%
Activision: 1 0,16% Tozai: 1 0,16%
Atlus: 6 0,94% naxat soft: 9 1,42%
Interplay: 2 0,31% Natsume: 1 0,16%
Enterbrain: 4 0,63% Nihon Computer System: 5 0,79%
Capcom: 30 4,72% Nihon Falcom: 8 1,26%
Koei: 5 0,79% Nintendo: 90 14,15%
Konami: 43 6,76% Netfarm: 2 0,31%
Sunsoft: 10 1,57% Paon: 3 0,47%
G-Mode: 2 0,31% Hudson: 69 10,85%
Square-Enix: 21 3,30% Hamster: 18 2,83%
Spike: 3 0,47% Hal Laboratories: 1 0,16%
Sega: 86 13,52% Bandai Namco: 86 13,52%
Taito: 26 4,09% Pony Canyon: 2 0,31%
Takara Tomy: 2 0,31% Marvelous: 1 0,16%
Chunsoft: 3 0,47% UPI Soft: 1 0,16%
All: 636

Maybe the number of titles adds up in sales for Namco, as they probably do for D4.

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Moe: Einen Baum pflanzen

Dienstag, 13. Juli, 2010

Vorsicht: Dieser Artikel enthält Spoiler zu Ys, Mystic Quest, Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy VII, Vagrant Story und No More Heroes 2!

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