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Artikel mit dem Stichwort ‘URASAWA Naoki’

Reality vs. Myth: Final Fantasy XV

Samstag, 20. Juli, 2013

At this year’s e3 Final Fantasy Versus XIII was finally renamed to Final Fantasy XV but the story and concept of the game haven’t changed: it confronts myth with reality, challenges itself to be a fantasy based in reality. Not exactly a new approach for the series since Kazushige NOJIMA started writing many of its most successful installments starting with Final Fantasy VII but especially pronounced in the newest Final Fantasy.

Back in 2008, in the Cloud Message book this concept was illustrated by render artworks like this one:



A city scenery at night, lit only by the windows of the large skyscrapers, the rows of street lamps and the cars driving through the road at the bottom of the render artwork. And floating above the street the figure of Stella, the female lead character of the game, visible through what seems to be rift tearing through the canvas of the game world. There are more artworks like this one in which the game world is torn open to show someone from another place, another reality maybe.

What is noteworthy in this artwork though is that there seems to be a source work that is referenced here by the scene shown. It’s very reminiscent of the fold out cover of the Deluxe Edition of the first volume of Pluto, a modern remake of a classic Astro Boy story.


Aside from the tunnel that is missing in the CLOUD message artwork, the scenery is very similar. But instead of Stella appearing through a rift there is an actual opening in the paper in the shape of the silhouette of Astro Boy’s head, which served as the cover artwork for the original TEZUKA story Naoki URASAWA retells in Pluto.

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